There is a one-time fee of to install DSL in your home or business. This fee can be waived when customers sign an agreement to retain service for a minimum of 6 months. Additional fees may be charged for work related to installation or relocation of telephone lines.

The DSL modem is included when customers sign a one-year or longer contract for DSL service. Customers who wish to retain DSL service for less than one year pay $99 for the modem.

A contract is not required. At Copper Valley, customers may choose month-to-month service or two-year contracts. Typically, the longer the commitment a customer can make to retain our DSL service, the lower the upfront and monthly charges.

DSL speeds typically look something like this: 4Mbps/1Mbps. In this format, the first number (such as 4Mbps) is the download speed and the second number (such as 1Mbps) is the upload speed. In this example, the download speed would be read as “4 megabits per second” and is the approximate speed at which you would expect to be able to download information from the Internet. The upload speed would be read as “1 megabit per second” and is the approximate speed at which you would expect to be able to upload information to the Internet. For more information on transfer rates, please read our Net Neutrality Policy.

We install high quality wireless modems. A wireless modem actually connects to a telephone line at your service locations via a standard telephone line. The computers and other devices are then connected to the modem by either a CAT5 cable (for a desktop PC) or through a wireless signal. Thus, you may have multiple devices (desktop PC, laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, media players) connected to the Internet at the same time.

Recommended minimum speeds by activity

Video ChatXX
Streaming HD VideoXXX
Online GamingXX
Online Meetings (web casts)XXX
Downloading MoviesXXX
Streaming SD VideoXXX
Watching SD Video ClipsXXX
Music Download & StreamingXXXX
Emailing Large FilesXXXX
Social NetworkingXXXX
Sharing PhotosXXXXX
Web Surfing and EmailingXXXXX
*Note: multiple computers accessing the Internet for higher end purposes may require higher speeds than recommended here.

GreyMail is the built-in SPAM filter provided by Zimbra, our email provider. GreyMail will periodically send you a Daily Digest, an email that lists all the recent SPAM messages, phishing messages, suspicious and potentially harmful emails that have been sent to your email. You can access your GreyMail settings via the Daily Digest email in your inbox and release emails you deem are safe and add those addresses to your “friends” list. In addition, from the same place you can also choose to block addresses by placing them in the “enemies” list, so they are blocked from coming into your account. Any email listed in the Daily Digest is in a “quarantine” state, to protect you and your device from accidentally downloading a virus or malware.

Login to https://greymail.redcondor.net/console/quarantine/. Select the Policies tab, add the sender’s address to the Enemies list and click the green + icon.

If you’d like a new password, call our Tech Line at 907-255-TECH during business hours or the 24/7 Help Desk at 907-834-HELP or 907-822-HELP. You may also change your email password yourself by logging into your email portal at https://myapplicationportal.com/ select Settings icon > Manage Settings> Change Password.

  • Type into the URL field of your browser.
  • Enter your modem log-in and PW to access the modem’s settings:
    • Contact the Tech Line at 907-255-TECH during business hours for your Control Panel username and password.
  • You should see your modem’s Control Panel. From here, you can click on Port Forwards (left side) to access and change your port forwards on the modem.
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