Phone Plans/Pricing

Plug into the most reliable landline telephone network in Prince William Sound and the Copper River Basin. Copper Valley Telecom offers everything from basic no-frills landlines to landlines enhanced with an array of useful calling features to help manage incoming and outgoing calls.

Phone line only
Residential Line Charge $13.45
Alaska Network Access Fee $5.75
Universal Access Surcharge $.09
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Long Distance, Deluxe Voicemail, Calling Value Pack
Residential Line Charge $13.45
Unlimited Long Distance* $3.00
17 Calling Features* $2.50
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Prices above do not include taxes, surcharges, etc.

Telephone Installation Fees / Service Order Fees

Central Office Charge: $21.15
Service Order Charge: $11.00

Above fees due at time of application. There may be a required residential deposit‚ which usually runs $50.00 if local access only and $90.00 if long distance capable. CVTC will waive deposit requirement if customer has a letter from another utility showing good pay history or have had previous service with CVTC‚ which reflects good pay history. If location where requesting phone service has not had service for quite some time or you’ve recently built a new home/structure, a required $52.00 premise visit charge will apply.

Calling Features

Calling features are powerful tools that help manage incoming and outgoing calls. Contact a customer service representative for help selecting features that best suit your personal or business needs.

New Calling Feature Value Packages

Ultimate Value Pack
Includes 17 features
Caller ID Value Pack 1
Get caller ID plus any other two Enhanced Calling Features $0.75/month per feature
Caller ID Value Pack 2
Get caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding $0.75/month per feature


On Demand Conference Calling Plans

Package 1
*Per minute of use: $0.10, $0.20
Package 2
*Per minute of use: $0.05, $0.18
Package 3
*Per minute of use: $0.02, $0.15

Conference Calling Set up Charge: $25

* For each attendee when caller is using a local access number.
* For each attendee) when caller is using the Toll Free access number.

Voicemail Packages

Copper Valley’s flexible and convenient voice mail service makes history of troublesome answering machines and missed calls. Our voice mail system reliably takes messages for you even when the electricity is out or when your phone is busy.

20 Messages
15 Min. Storage
3 Min. Message
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30 Messages
30 Min. Storage
5 Min. Message
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30 Messages
30 Min. Storage
5 Min. Message
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