Smart RG End-of-Life

Smart RG internet gateways reached end-of-life support on December 31, 2022. Copper Valley Telecom technicians no longer have access to the management system required to troubleshoot Smart RG gateways. While your internet service is operating, CVT technicians cannot troubleshoot your equipment
should an issue occur. The Smart RG gateway will require replacement to ensure prompt restoration of internet service should an outage occur.

In 2021 Copper Valley Telecom began leasing internet gateways to customers in lieu of selling equipment. Technology moves fast, and choosing AURORA Wi-Fi equipment leasing for $8 a month ensures that a CVT technician can support your service. If equipment needs to be replaced in the future, Copper Valley Telecom will
replace the unit at no additional cost to you.

With AURORA Wi-Fi equipment leasing, Copper Valley Telecom provides you with our top-of-line gateway. This gateway is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology and provides an average of 3x more coverage. The AURORA Tower uses multi-user, multi-input, and multi-output technologies to allow more data streams to flow simultaneously and up to 4x faster. The gateway automatically updates its software to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date security for your network.

Alternatively, you may purchase a new gateway from a third-party vendor; however, CVT technicians are unable to troubleshoot that equipment should an issue occur.
Please call our customer service department at 800.235.5414, or stop by our store to book your appointment and experience internet at northern light speed!

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