Acceptable Use

This Acceptable Use Policy (“Policy”) sets forth the principles, guidelines, and requirements governing the use by customers and users (collectively, “Users”) of Copper Valley Telecom’s systems, networks, services, and products (the “Services”). User’s use of the Services shall constitute acceptance of the terms of this Policy. CVT reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time, effective upon posting of the modified Policy to www.cvtc.org Users are advised to regularly review this Policy. This Policy has been created to promote the integrity, security, reliability, and privacy of CVT’s Services. Any violation of this Policy may result in the suspension or termination of the Services and Products.

Uses of the Services and Products described below are prohibited under this Policy. CVT may investigate incidents involving alleged violations of this Policy and may cooperate with law enforcement and other third parties. User shall be responsible for determining what laws or regulations are applicable to its use of the Services and Products.

CVT’s Services and Products may be used only for lawful purposes and may not be used to violate any operating rule, policy, or guideline of any other online service provider or interactive service. The examples identified in the subsections below are non-exclusive and are provided, in part, for guidance purposes.

The Services may not be used to transmit, retransmit, distribute, post, or store any material, that, in the sole judgment of CVT:

  • is obscene, indecent, profane, pornographic, threatening, libel, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable information of any kind, including material that restricts civil liberty;
  • is an action that restricts or inhibits any person, whether a User of the Services or Products or otherwise, in its use or enjoyment of Services or Products or any other systems, services or products; constitutes deceptive or misleading on-line marketing;
  • is in violation of any rights of any person including rights protected by copyright, trade secret, patent, or other intellectual property or similar laws or regulations including, but not limited to the installation or distribution of “pirated” or other software products that are not appropriately licensed for use by the User;
  • is in violation of any local, state, federal, or international law or regulation or guidelines of any other online service provider or interactive service;
  • is a material that violates export control laws; and furnishing false data on the signup form or contract, including fraudulent use of credit card numbers (such conduct is ground for immediate termination and may subject the offender to civil or criminal liability).

In addition, all Users are specifically prohibited from, in CVT’s sole judgment:

  • utilizing multiple logins, except as permitted by CVT;
  • attempting to circumvent the “idle daemon” or time charges accounting, or attempts to run programs while not logged in by any method;
  • consuming excessive resources, including CPU time, memory, disk space, and session time or using the resource-intensive programs that negatively impact other system users or the performance of CVT systems or networks; and
  • sharing of passwords or accounts with others.

The Services and Products may not be used in connection with attempts – whether or not successful – to violate the security of any system, network, or service. Examples of system or network security violations include, without limitation, the following:

  • unauthorized access to or use of data, including any attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of any host, network, or account (hacking, cracking, port scans, or flood pings);
  • unauthorized monitoring of data or traffic;
  • interfering with service to any user, host, system, or network;
  • conducting denial of service attacks;
  • any attempt to disrupt service including, but not limited to, distributing or introducing viruses, worms, or other harmful software; and
  • creating an active full-time connection on a CVT-provided account for Internet access by using artificial means, involving software, programming, or any other method.

Users may not use the Services to obtain or harvest personal information about other Users, including Internet addresses. Users may not use the contact information that is made available through the Services for mass communications (whether through electronic, telephone, or direct mail) unless specifically authorized.


The Services may not be used to transmit, retransmit, or distribute by e-mail or any other method any material, that violates any condition of this Policy including, but not limited to, in the sole judgment of CVT:

  • any unsolicited e-mail, whether commercial or otherwise including, but not limited to, bulk mailing of commercial advertising, informational announcements, and political tracts;
  • a solicited e-mail that contains material that otherwise violates this Policy;
  • any e-mail that falsifies the address or other information for the purpose of concealing the sender’s or recipient’s identity;
  • any harassing e-mail, whether through language, frequency, or size of messages;
  • any e-mail “chain letters” or other “pyramid schemes”;
  • e-mail relayed without the express permission of that site, service, system, or network;
  • e-mailing the same or similar messages sent to one or more newsgroups (also known as “cross-posting” or “multiple posting”);
  • an e-mail containing false or misleading statements, claims, or representations; and
  • forging header information including, but not limited to, any attempt to circumvent the approval process for posting to a moderated newsgroup.

User must use the Services and products in a manner that, in CVT’s sole judgment, is consistent with the purposes of such Services and Products. User shall not resell any of the Services or Products without the prior written consent of CVT. User shall not engage in any acts that restrict or inhibit any person, whether a User of CVI or otherwise, from use or enjoyment of any of the Services. The user shall contact CVT if the User is unsure whether a particular use or action is permitted.

Copper Valley Telecom will comply with all laws regarding the illegal use of our Internet service. Customer information such as billing records/service addresses can and will be provided to include real-time surveillance if directed by law enforcement per appropriate court order or subpoena. No information will be provided without a court order or subpoena.

CVT makes every effort to support advertised speeds and will dispatch repair technicians to customer sites to perform speed tests as needed to troubleshoot and resolve speed and application performance caused by CVT’s network.  CVT measures availability, latency, and aggregate utilization on the network and strive to meet internal service level targets.   Services delivered are best effort and subscribed speeds are not always possible.  CVT is also required by the FCC to test a random set of customers for speed and latency periodically during the year. This transparency statement discloses that CVT will perform these tests.   If additional equipment is required for a selected customer for this testing, CVT will contact the customer to schedule installation of the equipment.

Copper Valley Telecom (“CVT”) has adopted this Acceptable Use Policy for Voice Services (“AUPv”) to outline the acceptable use of CVT’s Voice Service. This AUPv is in addition to any restrictions contained in the CVT service agreement for any of the Voice Service offerings (the “Voice Subscriber Agreement”).  This AUPv applies to the CVT’s voice telephony services, including digital telephone and Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) services (“Voice Services”).  The Customer shall follow this policy when using CVT’s Voice Services. In the event of a violation of this policy, CVT may review and take action, including limiting or terminating a user’s access to the Voice Services.


Right of Termination.

CVT reserves the right to terminate the Service immediately and without advance notice if CVT, in its sole discretion, believes that the Customer has violated any of the terms of this AUP and Customer will be responsible for all fees and charges through the end of the Service Term, including without limitation, Early Termination Fees, unbilled charges, and disconnect fees, all of which immediately become due and payable, and CVT will not be liable for any damages incurred by Customer or any third-party as a result of such disconnection.


Spam and Commercial Use

Customer shall not send or facilitate the transmission of spam, automated messages, or large numbers of commercial messages. Such activity includes, but is not limited to:

  • placing calls in violation of laws prohibiting unsolicited marketing calls or “do-not-call” laws;
  • disclosing the phone numbers of any person to a third party without such person’s consent to such disclosure;
  • data mining any web property to find phone numbers;
  • inflating call traffic (e.g., traffic pumping, international revenue share fraud).


Harassment and Intimidation

Customer shall not use CVT’s Voice Service to threaten, intimidate, or harass another person.



Customer shall not use the Voice Service to impersonate another person (via the use of a telephone number or otherwise) or to misrepresent oneself or the source of any phone call.


Intellectual Property

Customer shall not infringe upon the intellectual property of others and shall not encourage or induce infringement of intellectual property rights. Intellectual property includes patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, and other intellectual property.



Customer shall not distribute other people’s personal or confidential information without their permission. Such personal or confidential information includes ID numbers, credit card numbers, and account passwords.


Illegal Activities

Customer shall not use CVT’s Voice Services to employ or promote illegal conduct.


Malicious Hacks

Customer shall not use CVT’s Voice Service in a way that harms or interrupts the operation of networks, servers, or other infrastructure of CVT or others. Customer shall not transmit adware, spyware, viruses, or other malicious or destructive code.


System Abuse

Customer’s use of the Voice Service shall be considered abusive, and Customer shall be subject to immediate termination if Customer engages in any of the following:

  • data mining of phone numbers or other information;
  • automation of our system to place phone calls or send messages;
  • forwarding to phone numbers that aren’t owned by Customer or under Customer’s control;
  • creating multiple user accounts, and no creation of user accounts by automated means or under false or fraudulent pretenses.
  • selling, trading, reselling or otherwise exploiting for any unauthorized commercial purpose or transfer any CVT voice account or the CVT Voice Service.
  • modifying, adapting, translating, or reverse engineering any portion of the CVT Voice Service.
  • removal of any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices contained in or on the CVT Voice Service.
  • autodialing
  • continuous or repetitive call forwarding
  • violation of any law, rule, or regulation; violate a third party’s intellectual property or personal rights; or exceed permitted access to the service;
  • sending of illegal and spoofed robocalls with the intent to defraud, case harm or wrongly obtain anything of value from the call recipient.


Account Inactivity

CVT may reclaim your CVT Voice number if you have not received or placed calls, or exchanged text messages for a period of 7 months. We will not reclaim numbers that have been ported in to CVT’s service or made permanent.

CVT manages its network with the goal of delivering a fast, safe, and uncompromised broadband Internet experience to all of its customers. But, high-speed bandwidth and network resources are not unlimited. Managing the network is essential for the promotion of the best possible broadband Internet experience by all of CVT’s customers. The company uses reasonable network management and test practices that are consistent with industry standards. In addition, CVT is required by the FCC to test a random set of customers for speed and latency periodically during the year. By using this service, the customer agrees to allow the CVT to perform these tests. CVT tries to use tools and technologies that are minimally intrusive and, in its independent judgment guided by industry experience, among the best in class. Of course, the company’s network management practices will change and evolve along with the uses of the Internet and the challenges and threats on the Internet.

The user shall use the software only in accordance with the end-user license agreement accompanying the software.

Violations of this Policy
CVT does not intend to actively monitor the content of websites, e-mail, newsgroups, or other materials created or accessible over its services. CVT, however, reserves the right to monitor such services. Violations of this Policy may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of service, demand for removal of offending material, blocked access, or any other action CVT deems appropriate to address the violation.

In no event will CVT be liable to any User or third party for any direct, indirect, special, or other consequential damages for actions taken pursuant to this Policy, including, but not limited to, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data, or otherwise, even if CVT was advised of the possibility of such damages.

CVT is not responsible for the content of the Services, including any user posting or transmitted e-mail.

CVT requests that anyone who believes that there is a violation of this AUP or who would like to register a complaint regarding abusive conduct report to us using one or more of the following methods:

  1. By FAX to (907) 835-2387, ATTN: CVT IT Manager
  2. By mail to:
  3. CVT IT Manager
    P.O. Box 337
    Valdez, AK 99686

Each complaint must include a valid return address. CVT must be able to independently verify each instance of abuse, and so, if available, please include in your complaint the following:

  • The IP address used to commit the alleged violation.
  • The date and time of such violation.

Evidence of the violation including, if applicable, the complete text of the objectionable message, including all headers. Please do NOT send excerpted parts of a message; sending a copy of the entire message, including headers, helps to prevent misunderstandings based on incomplete information, or information used out of context. Full headers demonstrate which path the message has taken, and may enable us to determine whether any part of the message has been forged.

User must use the Services and Products in a manner that, in CVT’s sole judgment, is consistent with the purposes of such Services and Products. CVI may, in its sole discretion, suspend or terminate the provision of the Services or Products to the User or any part thereof for violation of any of the Policy at any time and without warning.


CVT may bring legal action to enjoin violations and/or collect damages caused by violations of this Policy.

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