Terms & Conditions

Master Service Agreement

This Master Service Agreement (hereinafter “MSA”) is entered into by and between the signatory (hereinafter “Customer”) and the telecommunications service provider Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative and its subsidiaries, Copper Valley Telephone, Copper Valley Long Distance, and Copper Valley Wireless, dba Copper Valley Telecom (hereinafter “CVT”).

CVT agrees to provide service to Customer, and Customer agrees to purchase service – including but not limited to, wireless, landline, long-distance, internet, Wi-Fi, and Small Business IT (each, a “Service”; collectively, the “Services”) – subject to the terms and conditions of the MSA and in CVT’s general and special tariffs filed with the local state public service commission as modified from time to time. By accessing and using one or more Services provided by CVT, the Customer hereby agrees to be bound by CVT’s Master Service Agreement and the bylaws, policies, rules, and regulations of CVT as applicable, as updated from time-to-time by CVT. If updated, the MSA will be posted to CVT’s website at www.cvtc.org/terms-and-conditions. Customer agrees to pay the provider a monthly fee established by CVT for the Services; the fee may be updated from time to time by the provider. CVT reserves the right to modify or waive the requirements contained herein at any time and without notice.


Customer agrees that any disputes under this agreement shall be resolved only by arbitration or small-claims court, and Customer waives any right to a judge or jury in any arbitration.

Customer should read MSA in full prior to signing this agreement. Any blank spaces for information should be filled in at the time of signing. The Customer is entitled to a filled-in copy of the MSA at the time of signing.

This agreement is covered by state and federal laws, and the Customer has the rights of a buyer under such laws.

Acceptable Use

This agreement is subject to, and incorporates by reference, CVT’s Acceptable Use Policy Customer Service Agreement, as they may be amended from time to time. Additional information can be obtained at www.cvtc.org/acceptable-use and www.cvtc.org/tariffs


The pricing, discounts, speeds, and usage allowances for Services are subject to change at the discretion of CVT. Customers may opt-in to promotions that may require a contract for a specified time and may have an additional addendum to the terms and conditions. If the Customer chooses to disconnect or discontinue Services before the term on the contract is up, Customer is liable for an early termination penalty.


All new Customers who have not established credit with CVT through previous service must establish credit through one of the following methods:

  • Customer may submit a letter of credit reference from another telephone or utility company with which the customer has had a recent account. If report is returned from the company as unfavorable the Customer will be required to pay a deposit as outlined below prior to the activation or reactivation of services.
  • CVT will run a credit check or payment history review on the Customer. If credit check results are unfavorable or if the Customer has a previous unsatisfactory payment record with CVT, the Customer will be required to pay a deposit as outlined below prior to the activation or reactivation of services.

Deposits are payable in cash, money order or billed to a Visa or MasterCard credit card held in the Customer’s name. Deposit is eligible for a refund after one year of no late payments (12 consecutive months) or will otherwise be returned 60 days after termination of service.

  • Landline & Long-Distance Service & Toll Deposit – Deposit amount is equal to two months of estimated toll and local services.
  • Wireless Deposit – Deposit amounts may be up to $200 per wireless agreement based upon credit check.

Customers who do not reside within CVT’s service area may be required to pay a $1000 deposit per wireless agreement.

Billing Practices

Services are billed monthly by CVT. The monthly payment for Services is due and payable through the terms and conditions associated with CVT’s monthly billing statement. CVT invoices are available on the first business day of each month. Customers are given until the last day of the month to pay that month’s bill. Any overpayment will be applied to the next month’s bill.

CVT’s wireless usage cycle is from the 21st of one month through the 20th of the following month. Calls are rated and billed on the 1st of the next month. Device fees are billed in advance, with a one-month minimum, and are prorated for partial months.

Delinquencies, Disconnects, & Reinstatement

CVT considers accounts to be delinquent when a Customer fails to make any payments within fifteen days of the due date; Customer cancels the Agreement; CVT cancels the Customer Agreement for good cause; Customer breaches any covenant, representation or warranty hereunder, or default in the performance of any other obligation which is not cured within ten days after written notice to Customer; or CVT terminates Services for breach (each a “Default”). Upon a Default, CVT has the right to require the Customer to immediately pay the remaining balance due to CVT in full and pay CVT actual and reasonable costs of collection.

Customer credit card on file may be charged for all amounts more than 30 days past due. A $27 fee may be charged for returned checks and declined credit cards. Customer is responsible for all costs incurred by CVT for the collection of any unpaid account in Customer’s name or to the account.

Delinquent notices are mailed with the monthly statement. Disconnects take place between the 15th and the 20th of each month. The Customer agrees that Services disconnected for non-payment will be subject to having Customer’s deposit applied to and/or credit card on file charged. The credit card or bank account on file will be charged the full amount for the balance due.

In order to reinstate service interrupted for non-payment, Customer must bring the account current and provide for an additional cash deposit or agree to automatic credit card billing of the account, or both, at CVT’s sole discretion. A $10 fee is charged for each wireless line to be reconnected, and $25 for each landline, in addition to the full amount overdue.

Financed devices disconnected for any reason, including for non-payment, will be charged the full balance remaining on the device due with your next bill and/or before reconnecting your device, at CVT’s discretion. CVT also reserves the right to remove any promotional credits when reinstating disconnected devices.

Auto Pay Program

If the Customer chooses to enroll in the Auto Pay Program, the Customer authorizes CVT to use the bank, credit card, or debit card information provided to initiate payments from checking, savings, or credit card account between the 15th and 22nd day of each month.  This authority will remain in effect until the Customer notifies CVT in writing to cancel it. Upon receiving a written request to remove Auto Pay, CVT will, within three business days, cancel future automatic payments for the account. Customer can also stop payment by notifying their bank three days before CVT charges their account.  Customer understands that if CVT waived the service deposit because Customer agreed to Auto Payments, the Customer may be required to provide a cash deposit if Auto Payments are canceled.

Privacy Policy

CVT staff will ask for proof of identification prior to releasing Customer account or Services information. The Customer agrees to present picture identification when visiting a CVT office. The Customer agrees to provide a password or answer a security question when contacting CVT over the phone or the internet.

CVT staff may also call the phone number of record in the Customer’s account as a means of security verification or mail information to the billing address listed on the account (address needs to have been in effect for at least 30 days).

As additional safeguards, CVT will send a notification when Customer’s billing address, password, security question, or email address has changed. CVT requires a list of people authorized to receive information about Customer account and Services, signed by Customer.

Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters long, including 3 numbers. Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you in setting up these safeguards. These safeguards are required by Order 07-0222 of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

CVT may use information on your account for target marketing unless the Customer has formally opted out of these campaigns. CVT will mail an annual opt-out card to all customers. Customer may contact CVT at any time to opt out of these campaigns. CVT will not share your information with any third party for marketing purposes.

Risk of Loss, Theft, or Damage

Customer bears the entire risk of loss, theft or damage to the devices or equipment that are purchased, financed or, leased from CVT. Customer is obligated to pay the remaining financed cost on lost, stolen or damaged devices. Customer is obligated to pay the current replacement cost for leased equipment.

Right to Discontinue Services

Customer bears the responsibility for ensuring that their personal Equipment does not pass on, through the CVT network, malware, spam, or other destructive programs. CVT reserves the right to suspend or discontinue Services without notice to Customer if CVT detects the passage of destructive programs as listed above, or any misuse or abuse of Services have occurred or if a hazard or danger to person, property, or network exists.

In addition, in the event of a CVT-initiated outage due to customer non-responsiveness during an outbreak, no service credits will be issued for the duration of the outage.

Bundled Services

Price is based on the speed and bundled discounts for which Customer is eligible. Removal of any portion of the bundled services used to determine internet discounts may increase your monthly pricing.


CVT is not liable for costs incurred or hardships faced by the Customer resulting from service interruptions. While we strive to provide reliable services, unforeseen circumstances may lead to temporary disruptions. Customer acknowledges and agrees that CVT shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences, financial losses, or inconveniences arising from such interruptions.


Customer is responsible for understanding their selected plan, and features. Minutes or data used over and above those included in the plan will be billed as extra. CVT bills a minimum of one minute for each completed call and rounds up to the full minute for subsequent airtime. There is no charge for incomplete calls in CVT’s service area (busy signal, non-connects, etc.).

Data Usage

CVT requires data plans on all new wireless device activations. Speeds for internet access on wireless devices are not guaranteed and vary depending on total usage, device model, and other factors. Data connection(s) must be active for the life of the device. Data overage charges are applicable and are automatically billed to the Customer’s account.

Calling Features

CVT wireless plans include 3-way calling, call forwarding, voicemail, & caller-ID. These features are automatically activated, however, Customers may contact CVT at any time to request the deactivation of any of these features.

Nationwide Calling & Texting

CVT data plans include unlimited nationwide calling and texting. Message blocking is available at no charge to Customers.


Devices are considered roaming when calling from or using the device outside of CVT’s “home” service area. Some roaming markets may charge for incomplete calls. Toll restriction may be added to a phone, which will restrict access to roaming and long-distance capability.

CVT reserves the right to terminate service if more than 50% of a Customer’s usage is on roaming networks. Normal penalties may be applied if lines are terminated for this reason.

International Calling & Dialing

Calls to and from international locations and American Territories will only be completed if the Customer has purchased an international calling plan, and Customer may incur additional charges.

Financed Devices

A minimum 3 months of Service and financing must be paid on a device before the total amount due can be paid off. After 3 months, the Customer may pay the total amount due for a financed device at any time before the final scheduled payment is due, and no penalty will be applied. If the Customer pays more than the monthly payment due, any excess amount paid is credited to the account and applied to future charges pursuant to CVT’s billing practices listed above unless specific instructions are provided prior to such posting.

When the device financing is paid in full, the financing charges will automatically be removed from the Customer’s monthly bill.

Foreign Devices

Using a CVT SIM card in a device that is not purchased from CVT is at the customer’s own risk. The foreign devices may not be supported by CVT technical support, and is subject to disconnect if CVT deems it is a hazard to CVT’s network.

Return Policy

CVT offers a trial period of 30 days on new devices. In order to qualify, the device must be returned in like new condition with original packaging, included accessories and instructional manuals, at CVT’s discretion. The customer is responsible for their monthly fee (prorated if applicable) and any toll, over minutes, or additional charges. Devices may be subject to a restocking fee of up to 15% retail value. Some exceptions may apply to certain products, preventing a return of the item.


Devices may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Customer may contact manufacturer for details.

Transferring of Contacts & Data

As a courtesy, CVT will attempt to transfer the Customer’s contacts and photos from one phone to the other. It is the Customers’ responsibility to back up their information prior to attempting transfer as CVT does not guarantee successful transfer and some data may be lost. CVT and its subsidiaries are not responsible for lost content; there is no monetary compensation if the process fails.

Fixed Wireless Users

Customers with fixed cell phones using DC or inverted power must have a DC power source within six feet of the unit. CVT does not supply power sources or phones for the units.

Service Requirements

Customer must maintain local telephone service with CVT to retain internet service. Customers served via fiber agree to provide electricity to power the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). Customers served via copper facilities are given the fastest speeds attainable to location up to 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload. Internet speeds are best effort and not guaranteed.

New Service Disconnect

If Customer disconnects internet Service within 30 days from the date of initiation a minimum of 1-month Service fees will be billed.


CVT leases to Customer and CVT maintains ownership of the then-current version of the following equipment (the “Equipment) unless the parties agree in a separate piece of writing that the Equipment is being purchased by the Customer from CVT.

  • AURORA Tower
  • AURORA Extender
  • Comtrend Gateway
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
  • Other Equipment as determined necessary by CVT


No later than 30 calendar days after the termination of Services (the “Return Deadline”), the Customer shall return, at the Customer’s expense, the Equipment (except for the ONT which is to remain on the premises) to CVT at Mile 188.5 Glenn HWY Glennallen, AK. or 329 Fairbanks Dr. Valdez, AK. Equipment must either be mailed through the postal system or delivered to an authorized CVT employee during business hours. Immediately upon termination of the Services, CVT shall charge the Customer a $150 unreturned Equipment fee. CVT shall credit the Customer the $150 upon receiving all Equipment in good working order by the Return Deadline.


CVT will provide a one-time professional installation of leased Equipment. In some scenarios, CVT may determine that a self-installation is feasible, in which case, the Customer agrees to install the Equipment in accordance with the instructions provided by CVT. Self-installations are not available in all service areas and are at the sole discretion of CVT.


CVT will provide the Customer with replacement Equipment if the Customer, while not delinquent on payments to CVT, is deemed by CVT’s technical support team to need replacement Equipment.


AURORA Wi-Fi Service requires Equipment leased by CVT, and cannot be Customer procured or obtained from a source other than CVT.

AURORA Wi-Fi service includes the leasing of the following or then-current version of one AURORA Tower (gateway) and up to one AURORA Extender (mesh extender).

AURORA Extenders may be required to optimize wireless coverage in the home at the CVT technician’s discretion. If more than one such device is required to optimize wireless coverage in the house, Customer may lease additional devices at CVT’s then-current price.

Multi-Dwelling Units

Service may only be used for commercial facilities at CVT’s discretion. Service may only be used for a single unit of multi-dwelling properties (e.g., apartment buildings, nursing homes, condominiums, etc.).

Remote Consultation

Service includes remote consultation with CVT technician, consisting of discussion of current in-home wireless experience and requirements, wireless internet signal mapping, and optimal placement of CVT-provided Equipment.

CVT will provide remote assistance connecting up to three of Customer’s wireless-enabled devices to AURORA Wi-Fi. Assistance is best effort and not implied or guaranteed.

CVT will set up additional wireless networks upon the Customer’s request.

CVT is not responsible for repairing, replacing, supporting, or troubleshooting Customer’s Wi-Fi devices (i.e., how to use Customer’s game box, computer virus issues and removal, etc.).

Inside Wire Maintenance

Service includes one onsite visit every calendar year for diagnosis, repair, and replacement of the inside wiring and jacks necessary to provide AURORA Wi-Fi service, subject to the following exclusions:

  • CVT shall not be required to provide inside wire maintenance if the damage to wiring and jacks is caused by a natural disaster or act of God; or
  • CVT shall not be required to provide inside wire maintenance if the damage to wiring and jacks is caused by Customer’s or Customer’s agent’s negligence or intentional acts, as solely determined by CVT; or
  • CVT shall not be required to provide inside wire maintenance if the existing wiring and jacks were not installed in accordance with accepted industry standards or are not up to applicable code/legal requirements.
  • If necessary, and Customer requests, CVT may repair and rewire the jack or outlet that is not working and complete other rewiring, at our regular installation charges.
  • Service does not include repainting, plastering, or wallboard repair after a wire and jack are repaired.
  • Service does not include repair or replacement of defective cords, non-leased equipment, Customer-procured gateways, or other personal electronic devices.
  • Recreational vehicles, other temporary or moveable structures, and pull trailers are not covered.
  • CVT shall not be required to provide inside wire maintenance for lines that terminate to a Key/PBX, or other non-basic lines as determined by CVT.
  • The Service does not pertain to the Customer’s device cords, power cords, or Ethernet cables.
  • CVT shall not be required to repair and replace the inside wiring and jacks if such repair and replacement work is prohibited by law without CVT having a license authorizing to do such work.
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