Long Distance

Copper Valley’s long distance service is the perfect complement to a landline phone. A Copper Valley long distance calling plan can be bundled with Internet to reduce your total monthly bill!

PlanMonthly FeePer Minute Breakdown
Unlimited Residential*$3.00N/A
100 Minutes$8.95$0.089/min
200 Minutes$16.95$0.084/min
300 Minutes$23.95$0.079/min
500 Minutes$36.95$0.073/min
1,000 Minutes$71.95$0.071/min
2,500 Minutes$172.95$0.069/min
5,000 Minutes$324.95$0.064/min
10,000 Minutes$599.95$0.059/min

*Unlimited Long Distance plan requires landline phone, calling features and Internet service with Copper Valley Telecom.

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Included minutes may be intrastate & interstate minutes. Additional minutes are rated as .10 for intrastate and .10 for interstate. Minutes do not carry over from month to month. Toll cycle is from the 21st of one month through the 20th of the next month. Minutes are rated for the bill issued on the 1st of the month following the end of the toll cycle. Rates apply to all time periods and days.

CVLD Calling Default Rates are charged when a customer does not have a CVLD calling plan, but places long-distance calls on an unblocked line. The rates are as follows:

  • Intrastate: $0.10/min
  • Interstate: $0.10/min

A customer will be charged these rates even if they have not signed a contract or signed up for a calling plan.

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