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Complement your AURORA Wi-Fi with content control and network security.

ExperienceIQ – $8/month

ExperienceIQ from Copper Valley Telecom allows you to set the rules, manage screen time and monitor websites and apps across all your family’s connected devices. Simple.

ProtectIQ – $5/month

ProtectIQ helps you keep a lock on your Wi-Fi network. All traffic that passes through your network is scanned with viruses blocked before you encounter them.

ExperienceIQ: Enhanced Parental Controls $8/month

Ultimate Wi-Fi Deserves the Ultimate Control.

You set the boundaries. We help you keep them. With ExperienceIQ you can manage screen time, content, and access – all from our simple application. Available as an add-on to AURORA WIFI.

Fingertip Control

You have control of your connected home with the ability to monitor network traffic, prioritize device usage and set parental controls with a simple tap of a button​.​

Real-time Alerts​

Receive timely and helpful messages and alerts to know of any issues and provide offers and services that can enhance subscriber experience. ​​

Check Usage

Review web, app, and online usage by profile for an overview of where your child is spending time

Set Time Limits

Tailored internet experience for each user. Decide when devices should be offline

Filter Content

Restrict or allow entire categories of the internet, specific apps and individual websites

Create Balance

Turn off or pause Wi-Fi, create bedtime schedules, and manage screen time to maintain a harmonious home

ExperienceIQ - Content Control Features

ProtectIQ: Network Security - $5/month

You have locks on every door and window. But not on your network? Complement your AURORA Wi-Fi with advanced network security.

As viruses and malware become increasingly sophisticated, your network requires an equally innovative solution. ProtectIQ helps you keep a lock on your network – and alerts you when any unwanted visitors try to enter.



Protect all devices on your Wi-Fi network. All traffic that passes through your network is scanned with viruses blocked before you encounter them.

Block Malicious Websites

We analyze the data from thousands of malicious sites – phishing, hijacking, spyware, hadware, and malware sites are automatically blocked.

Stay Up to Date

The ProtectIQ dashboard alerts you with network protection updates.

Prevent Intrusion

Using our intrusion prevention system, we prevent cyber criminals from accessing your network, keeping your sensitive information secure.

Available Add-ons to AURORA Wi-Fi

ExperienceIQ provides parental controls and more for $8/month.

ProtectIQ provides network-level malware protection for $5/month.

Bundle and save! Get both of these powerful add-ons for only $10/month with the AURORA Experience Bundle.

After subscribing with a Customer Service Representative, AURORA Wi-Fi add-ons can be managed through the CVT Connect app.

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