60th Anniversary Video

Join us in celebrating 60 years of overcoming challenges, expanding new technologies, and driving modern communication services throughout the Valdez and Copper River Basin areas. Please enjoy this commemorative video highlighting the past, present, and future of Copper Valley Telecom. “In 1974 they decided the Co-op should be divided between the telephone versus the electric. […]

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Why am I hearing a recording when I call?

To prepare customers for the upcoming transition to 10-digit dialing, when you dial a 7-digit phone number you will now hear a brief recording and then the call will connect as dialed. The recording says “The FCC has required that all carriers implement 10-digit dialing when making calls. To learn more, please visit cvtc.org/10digit“

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24/7 Technical Support Chat

You may notice a new icon in the lower right-hand corner of the cvtc.org screen. We’ve added a new “Live Support!” feature to our website that allows you to reach out for technical support 24/7. Our help desk can also be contacted at 907.834.4357(HELP) and 907.822.4357(HELP). We are excited to provide another method to reach […]

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Email Scam Alert

Copper Valley Telecom has received reports that some customers with CVT email accounts have received an email claiming that their email account will be closed and that all emails in their inbox will be deleted. This email is not from CVT, and email accounts are not being closed. If you received this email, we are […]

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