Roaming Service Notification

Please be aware that Copper Valley Wireless subscribers may experience an elevated number of dropped voice calls when visiting the Anchorage area in the coming months. A main roaming partner for voice traffic, which is still dependent on our legacy CDMA system, has made changes that are adversely affecting the reliability of this system in […]

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2020 Construction

Dear Copper Valley Telecom Customer: Stay connected. No one knew how important those two words would become this spring. The COVID-19 pandemic was suddenly upon us, and we needed to be connected to loved ones, friends, teachers, doctors, and up-to-date information. While communities began to social distance and life slowed down for some, Copper Valley Telecom has continued to prepare for a […]

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Copper Valley Telecom Announces Fiber to the Home Network Upgrade

In 2017, Copper Valley Telecom launched our Fiber to the Home project in Valdez. This year, our crews will be working throughout the summer in order to upgrade our customers in the Valdez subdivisions of Robe River and Corbin Creek. This upgrade will replace the existing copper lines, which carry all voice and internet traffic […]

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