Service Announcement – 01.06.22

The areas from Lakina to McCarthy are currently experiencing an outage due to extreme weather conditions causing power generation troubles at the supporting cell site. Technicians are working diligently to resolve the issue; however, the outage is anticipated to continue overnight. We will continue to keep you apprised of the situation. Thank you for your […]

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CVT Customer Email Upgrade – 10.20.21

Copper Valley Telecom’s customer email provider upgraded the platform on October 20th. This upgrade makes the spam filter more convenient and easier to use than ever! Your email account will automatically place potential spam into a junk folder. You can also manually move mail to the junk folder by selecting the message and then clicking […]

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Valdez Storefront Notice

To ensure the safety of both our staff and our customers, Copper Valley Telecom’s Valdez storefront is closed to the public at this time. Customers may contact CVT staff through the methods listed below. If you need to meet in person, please call to make an appointment. We ask that anyone who may be showing […]

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Service Announcement – 08.11.21

Copper Valley Telecom will be performing maintenance on the cell site near the Alpine Woods subdivision tomorrow, August 12th. Wireless customers in the area should be advised of an anticipated wireless service interruption in the area between 9 am – 1 pm tomorrow.

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Service Announcement – 04.29.21

Earlier this evening, one of Copper Valley Telecom’s partners in the lower 48 experienced an issue which resulted in slow internet connections for some CVT customers. The issue has since been resolved and connection speeds have returned to normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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24/7 Technical Support Chat

You may notice a new icon in the lower right-hand corner of the cvtc.org screen. We’ve added a new “Live Support!” feature to our website that allows you to reach out for technical support 24/7. Our help desk can also be contacted at 907.834.4357(HELP) and 907.822.4357(HELP). We are excited to provide another method to reach […]

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