Wireless Phones and Hearing Aid Accessibility

Please note that these phones have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that it uses. Based on those tests, the handsets are given an M and/or a T rating (see price label for specific rating of the handset you are interested in).

Hearing Aid Compatible Ratings

For additional information regarding HAC devices and other accessibility features, please visit the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative’s website at www.gari.info

Hearing Aid Compatibility rules from the FCC

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ModelFCC ID #HAC RatingWiFiTier
iPhone 15 Pro MaxBCG-E8439AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 15 ProBCG-E8435AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 15 PlusBCG-E8431AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 15BCG-E8427AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 14 Pro MaxBCG-E8141AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 14 ProBCG-E8140AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 14 PlusBCG-E8139AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 14BCG-E8138AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 13 Pro MaxBCG-E4003AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 13 ProBCG-E4000AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 13BCG-E3997AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 13 miniBCG-E3994AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 12 Pro MaxBCG-E3548AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 12 ProBCG-E3545AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 12BCG-E3542AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 12 miniBCG-E3539AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 11 Pro MaxBCG-E3306AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 11 ProBCG-E3305AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 11BCG-E3309AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone XRBCG-E3220AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone XS MaxBCG-E3219AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone XSBCG-E3218AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone XBCG-E3161AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 8+BCG-E3160AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 8BCG-E3159AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 7+BCG-E3087AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 7BCG-E3085AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone SEBCG-E2945AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 6S+BCG-E2944AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 6SBCG-E2946AM3/T4YesSmartphone
iPhone 6BCG-E2816AM3/T4YesSmartphone
ModelFCC ID #HAC RatingWiFiTier
Wine IIZNFL125DLM3/T3YesFlip Phone
G7 fitZNFQ850QMM4/T3YesSmartphone
G8x ThinQZNFG820UMM4/T3YesSmartphone
K30/ CV3ZNFX410ATM3/T3YesSmartphone
LV5/ K20ZNFS501M3/T3YesSmartphone
Fluid IIZNFVN170M4/T4NoFlip Phone
ModelFCC ID #HAC RatingWiFiTier
S24 UltraA3LSMS928UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Fold5A3LSMF946UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Flip5A3LSMF731UM3/T3YesSmartphone
S23 UltraA3LSMS918UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Fold4A3LSMF936UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Flip4A3LSMF721UM3/T3YesSmartphone
S22 UltraA3LSMS908UM3/T3YesSmartphone
S21 UltraA3LSMG998UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Fold3A3LSMF926UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Z Flip3A3LSMF711U1M3/T3YesSmartphone
Note 20 UltraA3LSMN986UM3/T3YesSmartphone
Note 20A3LSMN981UM3/T3YesSmartphone
S20 UltraA3LSMG988UM4/T3YesSmartphone
Note 10+A3LSMN975UM4/T3YesSmartphone
Note 10A3LSMN970UM4/T3YesSmartphone
Note 9A3LSMN960UM4/T3YesSmartphone
Note 8A3LSMN950UM4/T3YesSmartphone
S7 EdgeA3LSMG935USM4/T3YesSmartphone
Galaxy 7A3LSMG930USM4/T3YesSmartphone
Note 5A3LSMN920R6M4/T3YesSmartphone
Galaxy S6 EdgeA3LSMG925R6M4/T3YesSmartphone
ModelFCC ID #HAC RatingWiFiTier
TCL - Flip 22ACCJN059M4/T4YesFlip Phone
CAT - s48cZL5S48CM3/T3YesSmartphone
Kyocera - Dura XAV65E4520M4/T4NoFlip Phone
Sonim - XP5WYPL23V013AAM4/T4YesSmartphone

However, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in this phone that have not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the different features of this phone thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Consult a Copper Valley customer service representative or the manufacturer of this phone for information on hearing aid compatibility. If you have questions about return or exchange policies, consult a Copper Valley customer service representative.

The wireless industry is committed to providing a selection of compatible phones for those customers with a hearing impairment. These ratings have been developed to assist hearing aid device users in finding phones that may be compatible with their particular hearing aid device. From this page you can access a series of questions and answers related to hearing aids and wireless phone interactions; obtain a list of wireless phones that may offer T-coil coupling and/or may have potentially lower levels of interference; obtain a list of useful accessory options.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has passed a set of rules designed to make mobile phones more accessible to persons with disabilities. The FCC created a rating system to help consumers with hearing disabilities find a phone that will work with their hearing aids. Wireless phones rated “M3” or “M4” meet the FCC requirements for hearing aid compatibility and are likely to generate less interference with hearing aid devices. “M” refers to using the phone with a hearing aid in the microphone setting. The higher the “M” rating, the more likely it is you will be able to use the phone with your hearing aid on the microphone setting. Thus, M4 is the “better” or higher of the two ratings. “M” refers to using the phone with a hearing aid in the microphone setting. The higher the “M” rating, the more likely it is you will be able to use the phone with your hearing aid on the microphone setting.

“T” refers to using the hearing aid set on telecoil. The higher the “T” number the more likely you will receive better interoperability performance between your phone and hearing aid on the telecoil setting. Thus the T4 is the ‘better’ or higher of the two ratings. Reduced feedback and reduced background noise are additional benefits of using a hearing aid set on telecoil during phone use. To determine the likelihood of successful cell phone use with your hearing aid, add the “T” rating number of the cell phone to the “T” rating number of your hearing aid.

Because hearing loss is so individual, no hearing aid and wireless phone combination can be guaranteed to work for everyone, however this information can be used to point hearing aid users in the right direction. Consumers should always try a phone to see if it works for them.

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