CDMA Sunset

In 2021 we began to see the sunset on CDMA networks, saying goodbye to our 3G cellular network and hello to VoLTE! During this time, CVT customers with devices that were not VoLTE-capable were encouraged to transition to VoLTE-capable devices or to operate on current software to avoid a loss of service. CVT successfully shut down our CDMA networks in September of 2022.

As the next step in this process, Nationwide CDMA networks are scheduled to be fully decommissioned in early January of 2023. This change may affect roaming coverage in Alaska and the Lower 48 in places you have been accustomed to it previously. Copper Valley Telecom is actively working with other carriers to establish new relationships to gain roaming LTE coverage in areas where CVT customers will experience a loss due to these nationwide changes. Further, CVT will continue to expand its own LTE network in the coming years to cover lost areas and gain new coverage where even CDMA did not go.

We are here to make this transition as smooth as possible, and we are proud to continue the evolution of our network to meet the changing and growing demands of our subscribers.

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