Broadband That Matters: Telemedicine

Copper Valley Telecom has released the second video in a series showcasing the importance of Broadband Internet in rural Alaska.  This video features the value of connecting residents and physicians with the best care possible through telemedicine.  Broadband is connecting patients with their doctors remotely, setting a new precedent for rural Alaskan healthcare.

“So, you can just imagine, that we could be doing an in-person visit with a patient, and then I could bring in a specialist in rheumatoid arthritis from the Mayo Clinic and bring him right into the office.” 

-John Cullen, Physician in Valdez, AK & Board Chair for the American Academy of Family Physicians

“Because of instrumentation technology and bandwidth we are actually able to conduct a physical, biological exam in your home or 2,000 miles away, so it’s really changed the game in terms of healthcare.”

-Paul Rude, C.E.O. Copper River Native Association

“The great thing about having an internet service like Copper Valley Telecom is that you’re providing that very high-quality connection to both sides.  It doesn’t really do a lot of good if I have fiber, the best in the business in my office, if my patient who is remote 20, 30, 50, 100 miles away can’t get access to that. Having a truly reliable connection is extremely important in the home as well as in the doctor’s office.”

-Dr. Angela Alfaro, MD, Family Physician & Founder of Alfa Doc
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