Broadband That Matters: Tatitlek

Copper Valley Telecom has released the fourth video in a series showcasing the importance of Broadband Internet in rural Alaska. This video highlights CVT’s 2020 project to deliver 25/3 broadband connectivity to the Native village of Tatitlek. Copper Valley Telecom’s broadband internet is helping rural Alaska share their culture.

“They are one of the first rural, off the grid communities in the United States to be able to receive 25/3 internet.”

-Lon Rake, Valdez Plant Superintendent, Copper Valley Telecom

“I’d like to thank Copper Valley Telecom for bringing broadband to Tatitlek because it involves them in an ever-changing world and allows them to be a part of it.”

-Diane Selanoff, Elder

“25/3 is the standard set by the FCC for broadband connectivity for the nation and so the fact that we’re bringing 25/3 to the village of Tatitlek is particularly exciting, just because of the remoteness and the fact that it is an off the grid Native village in Prince William Sound.”

-Chris Mishmash, Director of Facilities and Wireless Operations, Copper Valley Telecom

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