Broadband That Matters: Public Safety

Copper Valley Telecom has released the third video in a series showcasing the importance of Broadband Internet in rural Alaska. This video features the safety challenges that individuals, families, and teams of responders face in the back country and on the water. Copper Valley Telecom’s broadband internet is making rural Alaska safer.

“Broadband is our communication.  It’s all about public safety communications and the transfer of that information. You pick up the phone and call a dispatch center and that communication and data get transferred to police officers, firefighters, responders, Coast Guard; anybody that can help and respond to some kind of emergency within our communities.”

-William Comer, Former Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Public Safety

“Broadband can save lives in that it helps people communicate; whatever it may be an injury, an avalanche burial.  We didn’t have communications with the outside world until broadband was made possible by Copper Valley Telecom.”

-Sarah Carter, Education Coordinator, Alaska Avalanche Information Center

“Copper Valley’s broadband has been really helpful over the past few years, adding to those communications where you can send text messages or images. It’s helped us over the years if we’ve had to modify or send reports or pictures to the Coast Guard or other oversight committees that actually want to see what’s going on in the field.”

-Rhonda Wade, Manager of R&R Diving Services, Co-Owner of Nordic Marine

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