Broadband That Matters: Education

Copper Valley Telecom has released the first in a series of videos showcasing the importance of Broadband Internet in Rural Alaska. This initial video showcases the educational opportunities and achievements that broadband has provided to students, who otherwise would not have had the same opportunities that students in urban areas have.

“[Students] have access to some of the most advanced educational technologies in the world, as a result of Copper Valley Telecom’s Fiber Network.”

-Dr. Michael Johnson, State of Alaska Commissioner of Education

“Broadband is a pipeline that brings innovation to the rest of the world. It brings ideas to the rest of the world… [broadband] really opens up the world to kids in a small town and gives them that local small town feeling while giving them the opportunities of the world.”

-Shekinah Pepper, USDA General Field Representative

“Broadband extends the benefit of great teachers, no matter where they are, to students, no matter where they are. Copper River School District is a remote community. One hundred and eighty miles from Anchorage far away from any other services and agencies and yet with broadband students can have a comparable education to students in bigger committees with more services. So the bottom line is, even though students in the Copper River School District live in very remote parts of the state, they have access to world class educational opportunities and many great instructors because of Copper Valley Telecom’s high speed internet.”

-Dr. Michael Johnson, State of Alaska Commissioner of Education
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