Broadband Revamp Project and IP Address Change Notice

At Copper Valley Telecom, we’re always striving to improve our services, and we’re thrilled to introduce our latest initiative: the Broadband Revamp project. This project represents a significant advancement in strengthening our telecommunications infrastructure.

Currently, our network relies solely on a single Internet headend, or distribution point, located in Valdez, connected to a single upstream provider in Anchorage via subsea fiber. However, this setup poses challenges in the event of fiber cuts or equipment failures outside our network, leading to service disruptions for customers.

To address this vulnerability, we’re implementing a dual-headend setup, with a new Internet distribution point in Glennallen connecting to a secondary upstream provider via the Glenn Highway. This addition significantly reduces the risk of disruptions caused by external factors, enhancing our ability to maintain consistent service quality.

What’s happening?
CVTC is transitioning to a new internet routing system to enhance flexibility and redundancy in handling internet traffic.

What this means for you?
As part of our ongoing commitment to improvement, we’re transitioning away from leased IP addresses to ones that we own and control. This shift resolves past issues with leased addresses, ensuring greater control and reliability over our network infrastructure. With this transition, we’re moving from static IPs to dynamic IPs. While this change shouldn’t affect most of our customers, those using older camera systems for example may encounter some challenges. If you’re not aware of any static IP address requirements, you likely won’t be affected by the change.

Going forward, static IPs will be exclusively offered to our business clientele. If you’re a business customer, stay tuned for updates on static IP availability. For residential customers using a static IP and impacted by this adjustment, please reach out as soon as possible and CVT will provide guidance on adapting to this upcoming change.

What does this enable for the future?
The transition will introduce a higher level of redundancy in our network, resulting in fewer outages. Additionally, we’re enhancing security in the new design, reducing the risk of cyber-attacks.

These strategic enhancements bolster our network’s redundancies, paving the way for potential speed enhancements in the future. As we embark on this journey, your satisfaction and seamless experience remain our top priorities. We’re committed to providing ongoing assistance and guidance to ensure reliable communication for all our valued customers. Together, we’re making connections that matter.

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