60th Anniversary Video

Join us in celebrating 60 years of overcoming challenges, expanding new technologies, and driving modern communication services throughout the Valdez and Copper River Basin areas. Please enjoy this commemorative video highlighting the past, present, and future of Copper Valley Telecom.

“In 1974 they decided the Co-op should be divided between the telephone versus the electric. The headquarters for the electric company should stay in Copper River Valley and the headquarters for the telephone should be down in Valdez. They thought it would be a good split to serve both communities.”

-Carol Neeley, Lifelong Glennallen Resident and Wife of CVT Founder Douglas Neeley

“This being a Co-op with the member owners makes a big difference in how we approach our vision. We not only want to be successful, but we want to provide the service customers want and need. It’s different when the owners are the users and consumers, they get to push the direction we’re going.”

-Shannon Saavedra, Retired CVT Employee of 40 Years

“Copper Valley Telecom was founded in 1961. Just a few short years later in 1964 we responded to the Good Friday Earthquake by providing service to Valdez, Alaska. 60 years later, we’re continuing that legacy by supporting our customers through this pandemic.”

-Brittany Cabello, CVT Marketing Specialist
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