McCarthy Road Fiber-to-the-Home Project

Copper Valley Telecom is launching a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) project along McCarthy Road, covering the stretch from the Copper River Bridge to Mile 56. Serving over 100 homes and cabins, this initiative will provide a minimum 100/100 Mbps service, this project is funded entirely by the USDA ReConnect 4 grant without requiring matching funds.

The McCarthy road project underscores Copper Valley Telecom’s commitment to bridging the digital divide in rural areas, making connections that matter for McCarthy residents.

Right: The proposed Fiber Optic Line is marked by the orange path, while the existing Microwave Path is represented by the purple line.

McCarthy Road Residents

If you reside in the region spanning from the Copper River Bridge to Mile 56, kindly fill out the form below with your address and contact details. This will ensure your property is correctly accounted for in the McCarthy Road Fiber-to-the-Home project.

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