2024 Election Results

Election Results:

In the Glennallen District, 1104 ballot packages were mailed to active members.  The Credentials and Election Committee received 267 return envelopes.  Of those received, 252 were validated, meaning the envelope’s signature matched the signatures on file at CVTC. With 136 votes, the Glennallen District membership has elected Shanna Conway to serve a three-year term, and with 124 votes, they have elected Michael Rego to also serve a three-year term.

There was no Board of Director election held in the Valdez District this year. The Board will appoint a cooperative member to fill the vacant seat in accordance with CVTC bylaws.

Per CVT’s bylaws, members may file a written protest or objection to these results within three (3) business days following this online publication. The deadline for a protest or objection to be filed is 12pm on Monday, May 13th, 2024.

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