Customized Business Services

Special Access Services

Copper Valley Telecom delivers dependable, high capacity private line and special access circuits over its extensive fiber and microwave network in southcentral and eastern Alaska.

We build custom wide area networks that connect customers’ facilities in our region with locations outside our region (such as in Fairbanks or Anchorage). We provide high capacity synchronous Internet. We offer additional business class services such as IP PBX phone systems and local IT support packages.

Service Highlights

  • Fiber optic and microwave connectivity in Valdez, Prince William Sound, Copper River Valley, and Delta
  • Fiber to numerous governmental, industrial, healthcare, and educational facilities
    • Ethernet up to 100Gbps with optional traffic prioritization
  • T1, DS3, and OC3
  • Custom asynchronous and synchronous Internet
  • Monitoring and 24/7 outage response
  • Federal (USAC) ERate and Rural Health program participant – multiple billing options available
  • Communication sites at key remote locations ideal for monitoring and communications needs
    • Naked Island
    • Cordova Tripod Hill
    • Shoup Bay
    • McCarthy
    • Chitina
    • Numerous other remote locations
  • WIFI design
  • IP PBX phone systems
  • Local IT Support Packages for internal networks and computer equipment

Who Do We Serve?

  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Business
  • Alaska Native Corporations
  • Tribal organization
  • Non profit
  • Schools and libraries
  • Healthcare

For information on specific categories of service, visit this Special Access Handout.

Quote Requests

To receive a quote and inquire about availability of service to your location, contact us at the following:

Telecommunication Carriers
Send request for quote to ASR@cvtc.org.
Include the following information in your request for quote:

  • Location A
  • Location Z
  • Type of Service
  • Speed/Capacity
  • Term of commitment (monthly, 3-year, 5-year)
  • Jurisdiction (local, intrastate, interstate)
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