Join the CVTC Board of Directors

With the exception of incumbents running for reelection, all candidates for election to the Board of Directors must be nominated by petition. The petition must be signed by fifteen (15) or more cooperative members and submitted no later than Thursday March 28th at 6:00 p.m. Signatures on the petition must match those on file with CVTC. Occasionally, non-members will accidentally sign a petition, or a signature may not be able to be validated. Submission is encouraged prior to the deadline in case additional signatures are required. Invalid or late petitions will not be accepted. Petitions may be returned to one of CVT’s offices or, preferably, via email to rsmith@cvtc.org. 

Nomination Petition for Board of Director Election



This year there are two seats available in Glennallen, currently held by Mike Rego and Odis Scott Brawner who will be seeking re-election. There is also one seat available in Valdez, currently held by Trish Stowe who will not be seeking re-election. All seats are for three year terms. 

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