Roaming Service Notification

Please be aware that Copper Valley Wireless subscribers may experience an elevated number of dropped voice calls when visiting the Anchorage area in the coming months. A main roaming partner for voice traffic, which is still dependent on our legacy CDMA system, has made changes that are adversely affecting the reliability of this system in and around Alaska’s largest city. In December 2019 we made a roaming partner change that vastly improved this situation, however because of a merger between notable nationwide carriers, this alternate system has been removed from the wireless landscape in the metropolitan area. 

CDMA coverage is dwindling across North America as carriers turn down this aging technology to reclaim the resources necessary to turn on newer systems. Copper Valley itself is in a similar transitional phase as we look to upgrade our network with newer technology and turn down its own CDMA equipment. 

Work continues in earnest on converting our voice and texting services to our LTE network, and we expect to make the long-awaited transition later this year. In the meantime, we are committed to lessening the impact as much as possible by continuing to work with our remaining roaming partners on positive changes and accelerating the jump to the LTE system wherever possible. We value your business and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. Please contact our customer service representatives at any of our local offices if you need assistance.

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