Notice of Regular Board Meeting – 10.27.20

October 27, 2020

CVTC Boardroom – Valdez

5:30 pm

Board rooms in both Valdez and Glennallen will be available; however, in person attendance is limited due to COVID-19 concerns. If you are interested in attending in person, please contact Kacey James at kjames@cvtc.org. Otherwise, members may attend the meeting via teleconference.

Teleconference Information:
Toll Free: (833) 253-8742
Conference ID: 596 358 786#


1. Call to Order

a. Roll Call

Trish Stowe, President
Ryan Morgan, Vice President
Karen Linnell, Secretary/ Treasurer
Rob Chaffin
Mike Rego
Jennie Sodergren
Terry Valentine
Joey Virgin

b. Introduction of Guests

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Member Comments

4. Approval of Consent Agenda

a. Minutes of September 29, 2020 Regular Board Meeting
b. Approval of 2020 3rd Quarter Interim CEO BSC, 2020 Q2

5. Action and Discussion Items Comments

a. Approval of Financials
b. Approval of Resolution 20-09, Capital Credit General Retirement
c. Approval of Budget Revision: Information System Specialist
d. Approval of Personnel Policies

i. Policy 401, General Statement
ii. Policy 402, Hiring, Promotion, and Nepotism
iii. Policy 405, Termination
iv. Policy 425, Discrimination and Harassment

6. Reports

a. CEO Report (written)

7. Executive Session

a. Financial Matter – Initial Draft Budget for 2021
b. Personnel Matter – Employee Succession Planning (CEO Search)

Suggested motion: I move that the Board go into executive session to discuss: the confidential, detailed preliminary draft Budget for 2021, the immediate knowledge of which would have an adverse effect on the cooperative’s finances; and a personnel matter involving employee succession planning, specifically, the CEO search.

8. Future Meetings

9. Board Member Comments

10. Adjournment

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