Copper Valley Telecom Announces Fiber to the Home Network Upgrade

In 2017, Copper Valley Telecom launched our Fiber to the Home project in Valdez. This year, our crews will be working throughout the summer in order to upgrade our customers in the Valdez subdivisions of Robe River and Corbin Creek.

This upgrade will replace the existing copper lines, which carry all voice and internet traffic to and from a customer’s home, with fiber optic lines. These new lines will continue to carry voice and internet traffic while providing the opportunity for faster internet speeds than the current lines can support.

The upgrade will be a two-phase process. In the first phase, the copper lines which run underground to each home will be replaced. In the next phase of the project, technicians will install new electronic interfaces inside each home and replace modems. CVT staff will contact homeowners to schedule installation appointments. It will take crew members approximately one to two hours to complete the necessary upgrades. During this time, access to the inside of the residence is required and an adult must be home.

CVT Chief Executive Officer, James Dunn, stated, “By upgrading our network from copper to fiber, Copper Valley Telecom is preparing our communities for the future.” Additionally, Dunn assured, “There is no cost to the customer for the fiber installation. Customers will not be asked to pay for the new fiber or the electronics required for voice and internet access.”

Copper Valley Telecom will also be laying the groundwork for the next phase of this project, with crews working in the Glennallen district areas of Kluti- Kaah, Silver Springs, and Copper Center, as well as the Alpine Woods subdivision of Valdez. Fiber upgrades to these areas are planned for 2020 and affected property owners will be mailed additional project information.

Questions may be addressed to Selah Bauer, Public Relations Associate, at 907-835-7742 or sbauer@cvtc.org.

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