Notice of Regular Board Meeting – 05.23.2023

May 23, 2023

CVTC Boardroom – Glennallen

5:30 pm

Teleconference Information:
Toll Free: (833) 253-8742
Conference ID: 501 856 795#


1. Call to Order

a. Roll Call

Trish Stowe, President
Karen Linnell, Vice President
Jennie Sodergren, Secretary/ Treasurer
Odis Scott Brawner, Jr.
Scott Malone
Ryan Morgan
Mike Rego
Terry Valentine

b. Introduction of Guests

2. Agenda

3. Member Comments

4. Presentations

a. First National Bank Investments

b. Wells Fargo Investments (Riazzi, Rhyne, & Swaim Investment Group)

5. Unfinished Business

a. 2022 Audit Review (presentation and action item)

b. Hybrid Work from Home Program

6. Executive Session

a. Personnel Matter

7. New Business

a. Engineering Collective Bargaining Agreement

b. April 25, 2023, Regular Board Meeting Minutes

c. 2023 1st Quarter Write-Offs

d. March 2023 Financials

e. Election Results

f. Election of Board Officers

i. Election of President

ii. Election of Vice President

iii. Election of Secretary/Treasurer

8. Reports

a. CEO Report (written)

b. 2023 Employee Engagement Survey (written, confidential)

c. Director Attendance (written)

9. Executive Session

a. Financial Matter

10. Future Meetings

11. Board Member Comments

12. Adjournment

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