2020 Construction

Dear Copper Valley Telecom Customer:

Stay connected. No one knew how important those two words would become this spring. The COVID-19 pandemic was suddenly upon us, and we needed to be connected to loved ones, friends, teachers, doctors, and up-to-date information.

While communities began to social distance and life slowed down for some, Copper Valley Telecom has continued to prepare for a busy construction season bringing Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Wireless enhancements. We are excited to announce the following projects for the 2020 construction season.

Glennallen & the Copper River Basin Area:

  • Tazlina to Copperville, north to the Hub in Glennallen: FTTH groundwork
  • Silver Springs: FTTH – A CVT employee will call customers to schedule fiber installs.
  • Copper Center: FTTH project
  • Kluti-Kaah: A CVT employee will call customers to schedule fiber installs.
  • Glennallen CVT Office to Crossroads Medical Center: In July, CVT will make upgrades to buried fiber-optic lines throughout this area. 
  • Edgerton to Serendipity (36 Miles): CVT will be clearing trees and working in the right-of-way from the intersection of the Richardson (mile 83) and Edgerton Highways, south to Serendipity. 
  • 115 to 148 Richardson Highway: CVT will work with the State of Alaska to relocate any cables that may be in their way, as they work on relocating culverts.  

Valdez Area:

  • Alpine Subdivision: FTTH project. 
  • Heiden View Subdivision: FTTH project starting in July
  • Tatitlek: FTTH project starting in late summer.
  • Valdez Native Tribe & Zurich Loop: FTTH estimated to begin in June.
  • Richardson Highway, mile 18-24: Cable relocating project.


The following projects are centered around LTE (Long-Term Evolution) cell sites to various locations throughout CVT service areas, increasing connections and coverage for wireless phone users.  

  • Tangle Lakes Microwave Project: This project starts in late fall. It includes building a new cell tower in Paxson and the installation of a system that will eventually provide LTE service to customers on a portion of the Denali Highway (spring of 2021)
  • Paxson LTE site: Creation of LTE site. The estimated completion is late 2020
  • Aurora LTE site: Estimated completion is late 2020
  • Gulkana, Copper Center, Kenny Lake area, Valdez Airport, will receive an additional LTE cell site
  • South Harbor Drive LTE site: This project will increase cellular connection for downtown Valdez and any cruise ships that may come in. The estimated completion is summer 2020
  • Prince William Sound Microwave upgrades: Estimated completion by the end of 2020.
  • McCarthy: Creation of a new sector on the CVT tower, boosting speeds by optimizing the tower in McCarthy. The estimated completion is summer 2020
  • Cell sites in McCarthy, Valdez, and Cordova: CVT is adding AWS frequencies to these sites; This new spectrum will increase data speeds for customers in these areas. Completion summer/fall
  • Network-wide integration of VoLTE (Voice over LTE): This allows CVT to increase the quality of our voice service, as we transition to upgraded equipment. This project is estimated to be done by the end of 2020.

The projects are scheduled for completion in the summer/fall of 2020 unless otherwise noted.  Dates are subject to change because of weather or due to safety measures around COVID-19. It is our goal to complete all the projects in 2020.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the appropriate project lead below.

* Due to COVID-19 health concerns, CVT is working to minimize personal contact between our work crews and residents of your neighborhood.  It is our goal to maintain a 10-foot social separation between our staff and clients at all times.  Please help us by submitting any inquiries by email.

Glennallen & the Copper River Basin Area:

Bob Cyr(907)259-1220rcyr@cvtc.org

Valdez Area

Lon Rake(907)835-7789lrake@cvtc.org

Valdez/Glennallen Emergency Contact

Chris Summerall(907) 259-5987csummerall@cvtc.org


Chris Mishmash(907)835-7700cmishmash@cvtc.org
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